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Who is behind the idea for WebWordSystem?

The idea for WebWordSystem was developed by Diane and Erik Rohde in 2005 based on their experience with the translation profession and the tools that were available at the time. They did not find that the tools used the latest technology to its full potential. In addition, the tools were far too expensive and complicated to use. Therefore, they considered the possibilities, and in cooperation with an IT company, they devised WebWordSystem.


Passion is the most important ingredient if you want to develop a product that can make life much easier for a large number of people. Diane has this passion, and thanks to her in-depth knowledge of the translation business, it has been possible to develop WebWordSystem, allowing even translators with very limited IT skills to use it.

The purpose of WebWordSystem was to develop a user-friendly, web-based and future-proof translation tool with a price that appealed to a wide audience.


The philosophy behind WebWordSystem is that "your translations are valuable to others, just as their translations are valuable to you" - regardless of where you are in the world. This means that you can use already translated terms and segments in all languages. This improves the translation process and quality level, and it must be possible for each user to define a language policy using the system. In addition, WebWordSystem is intended to pave the way for improved knowledge sharing of translations, both internally and externally.


Diane and Erik's perseverance means that they do not drop a matter half-way, and this is a defining characteristic of both of them. Diane and Erik have maintained focus on the things they set out to do and which they were convinced had a certain substance.


Our latest version, which allows you to only use 4 buttons, makes us proud, and it goes to show that technological language tools are not necessarily "dangerous" and difficult to get started using.


WebWordSystem was such a breakthrough that, in 2010, Diane and Erik decided to focus on selling the translation tool in the WebWordSystem firm, and in 2012 to make WebWordSystem even easier to use across the Office package applications. Today, WebWordSystem is the most user-friendly translation tool in the market.


The objective of WebWordSystem is to develop a user-friendly and easily accessible tool and to make it the preferred translation tool.


WebWordSystem is domiciled in Denmark and California.


WebWordSystem is used by DONG, Danish Standards Association, Nets (PBS), PFA Pension and Pihl & Søn A/S and others


About the company top image
Company domicile in California


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