WebWordSystem offers courses regularly, and you can sign up using the calendar below. Choose between open courses and webinars:




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Red: Closed


Open courses

WebWordSystem offers open courses at our premises in Kolding. During one course day, you will become familiar with all the WebWordSystem functions. The courses include theoretical aspects and practical work with the system.

You will quickly learn to use WebWordSystem and thus achieve greater efficiency in your translation process. To ensure that all course participants get the best possible experience, the maximum number of participants in these courses is 8 people.


You can also order company-specific courses where one of our instructors will come to your place.



Another option is to attend one or more webinars. Webinars are free and concern one or several specific functions of WebWordSystem.


We hold open webinars via GoToMeeting, and each participant will receive a link. When attending a webinar, the optimum solution is to have loudspeakers and a microphone at your disposal. An alternative solution is to connect by telephone.   

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