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WebWordSystem ApS takes every reasonable precaution to ensure that the text on this web site is correct and updated. However, as errors or omissions may occur, the user cannot take for granted that the text is correct and should check its correctness directly with WebWordSystem ApS.


As WebWordSystem ApS cannot control what the information on this web site is used for by the user, WebWordSystem ApS does not assume any liability, including liability for damages, loss of profit, loss of business opportunities or other indirect loss as a consequence of using the information.

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WebWordSystem ApS (systems manager) registers personal data at and as well as and, allowing us to offer our clients and other visitors the best possible service. For example, we register personal data when receiving notices of removal and order forms for white papers etc. or if you create a user ID on our web site. WebWordSystem ApS registers the following information:


Contact information

Name, address, telephone number and email address.


We request this information because we would like to be able to send information about news to everybody who shows an interest in WebWordSystem ApS.

You are always entitled to be informed about the data we have registered about you. You can object to any registration in pursuance of the rules of the Danish Act on Processing of Personal Data.


Information will not be passed on without your consent
WebWordSystem ApS does not sell or pass on registered information without obtaining you prior consent.

How long does WebWordSystem ApS keep the registered personal data?
WebWordSystem ApS keeps the registered data for as long as it is necessary to be able to offer good service to visitors at and as well as and

Contact forms and competitions
Personal data, which is registered via contact forms, will be saved if you stated in the contact form that you would like to receive news and information from WebWordSystem ApS by email, for example about news and other information.

Email to the WebWordSystem ApS client centre
If you are a client with WebWordSystem ApS, we will save your emails for as long as you are a client. In pursuance of the Danish Bookkeeping Act, WebWordSystem ApS is required to keep certain information for 5 years, for example your invoices.


Copying in full or in part of WebWordSystem ApS material is not allowed without WebWordSystem ApS' written consent.


Linking to's official web site is allowed provided that such linking is made loyally and in agreement with current legislation and with a clear source reference.

If you have any further questions regarding copyright and the use of WebWordSystem ApS material, please contact WebWordSystem ApS by email:

When making reference to WebWordSystem ApS, reporters are free to use press releases and press photos from the WebWordSystem ApS press department. For further information, please contact WebWordSystem ApS by email:



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