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This is how the WebWordSystem translation memory works:

The WebWordSystem translation memory is a database where translated sentences (segments) are saved. This means that the translation memory grows with every new text that is translated, and you and your colleagues are better equipped the next time a text needs to be translated as you will save time by reusing text that has already been translated.


In the translation process, every time you come across a segment that is identical to or almost identical to a segment that has been translated before, the tool will automatically show the previous translation.


WebWordSystem in Word Word, Excel Excel and PowerPoint PowerPoint

WebWordSystem Term base  WebWordSystem


The WebWordSystem term base is a database, which normally contains the company's own specific terms and fixed expressions and which gives all company employees access to the same terminology. Word, Excel and PowerPoint offer integrated term recognition from the WebWordSystem Term base. 



WebWordSystem is hosted by DanDomain, which ensures that all security measurements are met and that the system is not a burden on your IT department.




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