The white paper tells you how you can save up to 80 %

Download the white paper and find out how you can save up to 80 % on your translations and increase efficiency, as WebWordSystem ensures that you do not have to translate the same text twice.


In the translation process, every time the linguist comes across a segment that is identical to or almost identical to a segment that has been translated before, WebWordSystem automatically shows the previous translation which may then be used as it is or edited, if necessary.


When the linguist has translated a sentence once, it will be saved in the translation memory and may be reused.


The white paper contains a detailed description of how to streamline your translation process and explains the savings that can be made.





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professionally in

Microsoft Office –

Word, Excel and PowerPoint now have a

Translation tool

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just 4 new buttons allow

you to translate

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With WebWordSystem

you no longer have to translate

the same text twice

Save up to 80%

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