FreelanceFor the freelance translator

If you are a professional translator and work freelance, WebWordSystem offers a translation tool that consists of a translation memory, a term base and access to the Public area of WebWordSystem.


The translation memory remembers your translations

You use the translation memory to save all the translations you make at sentence level - irrespective of language combination. This means that when you translate a sentence from one language into another, it is automatically saved in the translation memory. The next time you need to translate a sentence that is identical or almost identical to this sentence, it will automatically appear as a suggestion. You may choose to be given suggestions for matches all the way down to 50%.


The term base ensures uniform use of technical terms

You may find it useful to add all the terms you wish to the term base - irrespective of language combination. If you choose to use the term base, you can define the individual customer's technical terminology, and this will be an advantage to you and the customer in the future. Thus, you will avoid wrong translations of technical terms. You add the term in a pre-defined input model along with the required information. As soon as the term has been added to the term base, it will be recognised in the texts you are translating. This means that, by using this unique lookup tool, you will no longer spend time searching for the correct translation of any technical term - which could in many cases take up to an hour. Also, you will achieve consistency in the translations for the individual customer.


Public area - market place

Public area is the market place in WebWordSystem, where you - as a translator - may decide to purchase and sell sentences and terms that have already been translated. If you would like to use Public area, your company will receive EUR 0.014/word every time another user of WebWordSystem retrieves a word published by you. Similarly, you may purchase other users' sentences and terms for only EUR 0.034/word. The content of Public area is quality controlled, and you decide whether you would like to use this option. The idea behind Public area is that you, as a translator, will not have to spend time translating and writing text that has already been translated, and this allows you to further increase the speed of your translation process.


An online database for all your translations

WebWordSystem is web-based, and you can therefore log on to the system from wherever you wish. You avoid having to translate and write the same sentences over and over again. Reference is made to the white paper where you can read about the savings that can be made by using a translation tool.

Another advantage of using a translation memory is that you will maintain a uniform level of consistency in translated texts.


If, for example, you have been using WebWordSystem continuously for 3 years and have stored all your translations in one large memory, you will find that you have built up a unique lookup tool, both in relation to translations at sentence level and in relation to technical terms saved in the term base, including all relevant information.


WebWordSystem makes it easy to get started

WebWordSystem has been developed with the goal of making it easy to start using a translation tool. Our focus has been to ensure that even translators with limited IT skills can get started quickly. Another advantage of the web-based solution is that you can move around freely with your workplace - as long as you have an Internet connection.


The Freelance solution cannot be extended to a multi-user solution. See other solutions.


Certified provider

If you are a freelance translator, WebWordSystem offers you the opportunity of becoming a certified provider of WebWordSystem. You may become a quality reviewer of Public area, an instructor and/or referral consultant.


A quality reviewer's job is to make spot checks of segments and terms that are published in Public area for a given language combination and a given subject area. Payment is made per word.


An instructor receives instruction in the way training is to take place within the framework of WebWordSystem. Training will typically take the form of open courses or company-specifik courses. Training materials will be made available. Payment is made per hour.


A referral consultant is a person who refers companies, translators etc. to WebWordSystem and will be paid for every referral made that leads to sale. The referral percentage will be 10 % of the sales price of the solution.



Today, WebWordSystem has been integrated in a large number of large and small Danish businesses - not only as a translation tool but also as a lookup tool for all employees. Please see Clients.


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WebWordSystem has also developed a professional solution for translation agencies. For further information, please contact WebWordSystem Sales on +45 7070 1440 or send an email to

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